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CT-4000 mA Battery Testing System


CT-4000 Battery Testing System(mA)

CT-4000 entered into market in the year of 2008. Now it is one of the most successful and most popular battery testing system in China. Thousands of battery manufacturers, battery research institutes and laboratories use it as their primary testing partner for their various testing activities.

  • µA

    Current Unit

  • dQ/dV


  • 0.05% FS


  • ≤1ms

    Response Time

  • 500ms

    Min. Pulse Width

  • 10Hz/100Hz

    Data Acquisition Frequency

  • Charge & Discharge Rate

  • Three-Electrode System Test

  • Dual Range


  • DCIR Test

Dual Output Range TestersCT-4000

Dual range significantly improved the accuracy of Neware BTS4000 series batter testers, and more importantly, it made CVD(constant voltage discharge) function come into reality. Meanwhile, it also helps customers to save cost. Currently there are 5V10mA/50mA/6A/12A available, more models on the way.

  • Early in2008Successfully Developed
  • Up to32,000SetShipments
  • Minimum500msPulse Width
  • Up to≤1msResponse Time
  • Up to0.05%FSAccuracy
  • Up to10HZ/100HZResponse Time

Big news! The latest version of Neware BTSDA is realeased with dQdV function.

dQ/dV Differential capacity curve: Where there is a peak on the curve meaning the charge and discharge curves have a voltage platform, and different peaks represent different electrochemical reactions.dQm/dV Differential specific capacity curve:dQ/Active material quality/dV

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