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Battery Testing System|Since 1998

Regenerative Battery Test System


  • Saving More Than50%/yearElectricity Cost
  • Decreasing50%Energy Consumption
  • Lower50%Heat Value
  • Reducing30%Space

Regenerative Battery Test System

Special Design for the Formation & Capacity Grading of 5V Batteries

  • 1Bi-directional smart DCDC Converter- Align Synchronous Rectification with 32 bit high speed DSP processor with floating point arithmetic,to avoid the leakage in the process of energy converting;
  • 2Bi-directional smart DCAC inverter - With High Frequency Rectifier Reversible SMR , achieving high power factor and low harmonic to guarantee clean grid network;
  • 3Enhance the performance and achieve cost-effective of products via temperature reduction of workshop, energy saving, space utilization improvement and heat value reduction.

Full Sinusoidal Loop, Low Harmonic, High Power Factor, High Efficiency

Three wide-scope BUS Solution- To meet various testing requirements of cell, module, pack in different scenario.

General trendEnergy-Feedback Solution

BTS-ES Energy-Saving Battery Testing System

Used for formation, capacity grading & cycle life test of EV/HEV battery;

Significantly improving the energy utilization,and decreasing the energy consumption during the processing;

Target to the battery manufacturers and EV/HEV manufacturers.

  • DCDC
  • ACAC

System Structure

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