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CT-4000 Battery Testing System (Large Power)



EV / PHEV / HEV Battery Testing System

CT-4000, based on Neware 4th generation testing system, entered into market in 2008.


CT-4000 supports some testings as follow: EV battery pulse charge/discharge, DCIR(Direct Current Internal Resistance), cycle life and rate.


CT-4000 mainly applies for institutions, colleges and universities and EV battery manufacturers.

Small Volume, Great ApplicationBTS 4000

Dual range significantly improved the accuracy of Neware BTS4000 series batter testers, and more importantly, it made CVD(constant voltage discharge) function come into reality. Meanwhile, it also helps customers to save cost. Currently there are 5V10mA/50mA/6A/12A available, more models on the way.

  • Early in2008Successfully Developed
  • Up to32,000CHShipments
  • Minimum500msPulse Width
  • Up to≤10msResponse Time
  • Up to0.05%FSAccuracy
  • Up to10HZ/100HZResponse Time

Conditions Switches

Battery testing steps need to be estimated for several conditions according to different operations during testing applications; Conditions switches meet requirements for multi-exits programming types.


“And””or” logic operation, “≥”, ”≤”, ”=” comparatively calculate; Time duration ”t”, can achieve control requirements for special testing. Every step supports 5 condition switches; Support multi-exits, go to any steps, achieve more flexible process control.


Segment-Record Conditions

Data record settings for voltage, current and time are supported;

3 segment-record conditions can be set for each step; Every segment can be set: ΔT, ΔV and ΔI .

EDLC Testing

The unit of Q is Coulomb, 1 Coulomb = 1A * 1s = 1As;

1Ah = 3600 As(Amp Second);

Work voltage U = Charge upper limited voltage - Discharge bottom limited voltage;

Working voltage can be set and the EDLC coulomb could be calculated automatically by the software.

Based on 4th generation testing system, BTS 4000 entered market in 2008 and met testing demands: EV pulse charge/discharge, DCIR, cycle life and rate.
Now it is one of the most successful and popular battery testing systems in China.
For many years, Neware is widely known and our excellent performance is also highly recognized by international market .
That is why our instruments are widely applied by many institutions, colleges and universities and EV battery manufacturing enterprises.

Why Does BTS 4000 Attract People’s Attention in Such a Short Time?

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