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CT/CTE-8000 Simulation Testing System


  • Cycle Life

  • Capacity Test

  • Pulse Test

  • HPPC

  • Up to0.05%FSAccuracy
  • Come true4Current RangesMeasurement
  • Minimum500msPulse Width
  • Up to$1.5MRowsDownload Condition Data

CT/CTE-8000 Simulation Testing System

Based on Neware fifth-generation testing system.Mainly used in Power battery condition simulation ,Pulse charging and discharging, Cycle Life, Rate of charge and discharge.

Using dynamic power or current waveform to simulate electric vehicle driving road. Simulate the electric vehicle driving road conditions through the dynamic power or current waveform.

CT/CTE-8000 Simulation Testing System

CT/CTE-8000 is widely used in different areas of the simulation test : Electric vehicle battery pack, power tools battery, super capacitor, starting battery ,etc.

The Electric wave of Power battery pack is nonlinear (dynamic) when connected to the load.

We suggest to use the actual data waveform to test batteries, as the experiment method and basis to evaluate battery power characteristics, material and BMS system.

Why it must be CT/CTE-8000 Simulation Testing System?

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