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Title: 10th China Energy Storage & Power Battery & Critical Material Academic and Technology Conference 2018

Date: 2018. 11.23 - 2018. 11. 26

Location: Changsha, Hunan Province


In recent years, China's new energy industry has been booming, however, the development bottleneck of the three emerging industries which are new energy utilization, smart grid and electrical vehicle are effected by technology of energy storage and power battery. The research, development and industrialization of related battery system and critical material have been a significant strategy. For these reasons, 10th China Energy Storage & Power Battery & Critical Materials Academic and Technology Conference was held in Changsha on November 22 to 25 in 2018.

Neware decided to participate the the expo decisively and sent their outstanding employees to the conference.

The conference was hosted by People's Government of Hunan Province, Economic and Information Committee of Hunan Province, and China energy storage and power battery and its materials professional committee. In addition, the conference was undertook by Central South University; besides, it was supported by Hunan University, Xiangtan University and Changsha University of Science & Technology.

Conference theme

Around the theme of “basic research and industrial application of battery electrochemistry under the new situation”, the latest research and development progress and industrialization results of China energy storage and power Battery and its critical materials were demonstrated during the conference; meanwhile, the issues of basic science and technology involved in the development process were discussed. The conference contributed to industry-university-research cooperation and transformation of technical achievements.