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From October 19th to 21st, the second academic conference of China’s new energy materials and devices was held by The NGSOC, Central South University, Kunming university of science and technology, CSUST, and The North Zhongzhi company in Changsha, China. 600 experts and scholars across the country gathered in Changsha and discussed about the developing situation of new energy materials and devices. Some outstanding employees from marketing department of Neware also attended this meeting.

Zhang Qiang who is the vice executive secretary of NGSOC hosted the opening ceremony, and professor Yang Weijung who is the vice-president of CSUST attended the opening ceremony and made a speech.


Guo Xueyi as the vice-president from Central South university emphasized that “based on the report of the 19th CPC national congress, ‘we should stick to the strategy of innovation-driven development, and accelerate efforts to build an innovative country’, new energy, as a key development direction of the country strategic emerging industry, is the most decisive influence in the five fields of technology. New energy materials and devices play a significant role in achieving conversion and utilization of new energy resources and developing new energy technologies. 


There were 6 academic conferences and forums within two days, and 187 experts made experience exchange speeches. One of the forums about how to cultivate talents for new energy industry was held. During the forum, representatives from related universities spoke out and shared experience about cultivating related talents and developing the industry.


Professor Zhang Jieying from Kunming university of science and technology indicated that “new energy material is the core of developing new energy technology and the foundation of new energy application, and new energy device is the important carrier of technological innovation for new energy resources; thus, regarding to new energy materials and devices, the developing level of science and technology is a key of transforming and utilizing new energy resources, moreover, it occupies an important position at the stratagem of technology and economy development.”


Professor Yang Weijun from CSUST also pointed out that “China's economy has grown rapidly for more than 30 years because of the reform and opening-up. Duo to the growth, science and technology has been improved continually, and industrial system has been established completely. Strategic emerging industries as a significant force to guide economic and social development, has been an important strategy to seize the further high ground of economic and technological development. For these reasons, China State Council has decided to list new energy materials as one of the seven strategic emerging industries. This is another national major strategy after the strategies of four trillion yuan investment and ten industrial revitalization plans.”