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On Nov. 18-21, 2017, Neware participated in The First International Conference on Energy Storage Materials, which held at Graduate School at Shenzhen, Tsinghua University。The Graduate School of Tsinghua university in Shenzhen, Shenzhen Research Institute of Shenzhen Berkeley Tsinghua Academy of Sciences and China Metal Research Institute jointly are the main hostand it co-organized by ELSEVIER Publishers and industry-University-Institute Corporation Innovation for Advanced Batteries and Material. Many well-known scholars from different countries discussed the advanced energy storage materials and equipment research and the development of industrialization. It aims to build a bridge of the communication and cooperation among the domestic and foreign scientists,and to promote the basic research and industrial application of energy storage materials and energy storage equipment.


The main theme that mentioned out is “The Advanced Energy Storage Materials and Computing and Storage Device”. from the view of an academic and industrialization to explore the research progress of advanced energy storage material and energy storage devices and related industry development status. It built a platform of communication and cooperation for the domestic and foreign outstanding scientists and entrepreneur. And this could be a driver to the application of advanced energy storage process materials and energy storage equipment.


The meeting comprised 6 chapters:"lithium, sodium, and other ion battery" and "lithium sulfur batteries", "super capacitor with hybrid capacitor", the space and lithium batteries, flow batteries and fuel cells, "" solar energy, hydrogen power, heat energy conversion and storage" and "new concept and new design”. The posters are displayed out at different sub conference hall,it attracted the attention of the representatives from universities and research institutes of China the United States, Holland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Singapore and other countries.


With the rapid development of new energy field, xinwei is one of the exhibitors. It attaches great importance to the trend and development of the industry. So the meeting, the new gateway in addition to sponsor the meeting, also with attending teacher exchange and understanding of the industry material research direction, to follow the industry the most front-end, and the cause for colleges and universities within the enterprise to provide professional equipment and high quality service.

Congratulation for the successfully accomplishment of The First International Conference on Energy Storage Materials. and Neware hopes that every future meeting will be better and better!