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  On November 5th to 6th 2017, as one of the major sponsors, Neware was invited to participate in the 2017 Oregon State University Grid Energy Storage Symposium . The meeting was organized by Oregon State with assistance from the Joint Center for Energy Storage Research, Bringing together representatives from different industry, including enterprises, utilities, academia and government, and policy makers in the energy storage field. The Argonne National Laboratory, U.S. Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Idaho National Laboratory are the primary academic invited representatives.


  The conference focus on the theme of a new generation of large-scale grid storage systems in the Northwest Pacific and the United States, aiming to find opportunities for cooperation and meet new challenges in the field. The conference pointed out the current status of battery technology, the opportunities and challenges in the field of transmission, Oregon power grid and special requirements on power grid and recovery prospects, commercialization and production opportunities throughout the region. The president of the conference, assistant professor of the College of chemical engineering in Oregon State University, said: "the new generation of grid, wind energy and other sustainable energy storage system enabler gathered here, promoting 100% renewable energy in the field of science and technology into reality".



   Neware enthusiastically welcome the participants from all over the world, patiently reply the professors and attendees who came to inquiry. In addition, the organizers expressed their thanks for the sponsorship and the contribution made by Neware to the exhibition.